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Atlantic Halibut Fillets

Mr. Pearson’s is delighted to offer the most outstanding Atlantic Halibut Fillets. These fillets are frozen, boneless and skinless, making them highly convenient for your cooking needs. For added freshness, each fillet is individually vacuum-sealed. A case comprises ten pieces, with each fillet weighing approximately eight ounces.


Who needs to brave the icy depths of the North Atlantic when you can just click that button below? Mr. Pearson will hook you up with the Atlantic Halibut of your dreams, delivered right to your door.

Atlantic Halibut is a highly respected seafood product renowned for its delicate, delectable flavor, substantial flakes, and firm texture.

It is widely utilized in various cooking methods, from baking and grilling to broiling, poaching and steaming, complemented by a diverse range of herbs and spices. Moreover, its size and quality make it an ideal ingredient for sushi or sashimi preparations.

Mr. Pearson's North Atlantic Halibut is meticulously prepared, deboned, skinned, and cleaned immediately following capture. It is then expertly cut into generous, extra-thick portions, with a "puck shape" designed to ensure the preservation of its moisture and richness upon cooking. After undergoing careful portioning, each individual portion is hygienically vacuum sealed and promptly frozen to retain its unparalleled freshness that would meet the high standards of our esteemed customers.


Please ensure that your Atlantic Halibut fillets are stored in a freezer setting with a temperature below 0°F.

When thawing the fillets, we recommend placing each package overnight in the refrigerator. Prior to cooking, please rinse and dry the fillets. To ensure safe consumption, please use a food thermometer to determine that the inner temperature of the halibut reaches at least 145°F. This complies with the USDA recommendation that fish and shellfish be cooked to a minimum temperature of 145°F.

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