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Mr. Pearson is honored to present to you the exquisite Mediterranean Sea Bass – commonly known as Branzino. Each case includes eight immaculately vacuum-sealed, flawlessly butterflied, professionally hand-filleted, and trimmed boneless fillets. The fillets are skin-on, weighing roughly 14 oz each, guaranteeing an outstanding dining experience.


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Branzino, widely referred to as Lup De Mer or Mediterranean Sea Bass, is a prized fish that has been savored in the Mediterranean region for many centuries.

With a body size akin to a large trout, this fish is conventionally served baked or grilled with the skin left on to retain its delicate, buttery consistency that tends to dissolve in the mouth.

Branzino is a highly valued component of a balanced Mediterranean diet due to its exceptional taste and remarkable health benefits. It is an excellent choice to maintain a healthy lifestyle, and we suggest adding this delicate, flavorful fish to your menu options. Incorporating Branzino into your seafood selections adds a unique taste sensation to your culinary creations, and we firmly advise it as an exceptional choice to enhance your dietary routine.

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To ensure optimal results, we advise that you store the product in a freezer, maintaining a temperature of 0 or below 0⁰F.

Prior to usage, please thaw the Branzino overnight in a refrigerator. Rinse and pat dry before cooking it according to your preference. To ensure safety and health standards, it is recommended by USDA that the fish’s internal temperature reach 145°F. Please use a food thermometer to obtain this temperature.

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