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Cambridge House Private Reserve Smoked Salmon

Mr. Pearson’s is pleased to offer the highly acclaimed Cambridge House Private Reserve Smoked Salmon, recognized as the World’s Best Smoked Salmon by none other than the New York Times. Each case contains ten packs of four ounces each, impeccably sliced and conveniently frozen to ensure your maximum satisfaction.


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According to the evaluation conducted by the New York Times, the Cambridge House Smoked Salmon has been declared as the preeminent smoked salmon in the world.

The production of Cambridge House Smoked Salmon follows methods that have been originated by craftsmen in Scotland, centuries ago. The skillful smokers at Cambridge House take immense pleasure in producing limited batches of this handcrafted delicacy. The Atlantic salmon is cured with sea salt, followed by just a restricted amount of seasonings, including only brown sugar and celery. It is then smoked for up to 36 hours, using oak logs in the traditional brick smoking kiln, and air-dried naturally before it is sliced ultra-thin.

This unique process culminates in producing a peerless smoked salmon, thus making Cambridge House Smoked Salmon, the finest in the world.

Cambridge House Private Reserve does not contain any dyes, antibiotics, or preservatives.

Kindly note, that the annual production of the Cambridge House Private Reserve Smoked Salmon is limited, due to sustainable sourcing and the labor-intensive approach to this signature process.

Thank you for choosing us once again. Your continued patronage inspires us to be better and serve you with excellence.

Please ensure that the product is stored in a freezer at a temperature of 0 degrees or below.

Before preparation, we recommend thawing your Cambridge House Private Reserve Smoked Salmon overnight in the refrigerator.

If you require any assistance in creating exceptional culinary experiences with this world-class smoked salmon, kindly reach out to us at  Mr. Pearson will be pleased to offer his expertise and ensure your complete satisfaction.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you again and extend our gratitude for your continued patronage.

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