Grilled rib-eye steak

At Mr. Pearson’s, we prioritize the delivery of impeccable quality products and services that exceed the expectations of our esteemed customers. Our beef is sourced exclusively from the finest grass-fed farms in various countries, including New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, and America, to ensure that our American clientele experience unparalleled culinary delights. 

The beef farming industry is susceptible to many unpredictable and challenging elements and incidents that may affect the yield and quality of the beef produced. These challenges may include the scarcity of water or drought, which can reduce the quality and size of the yield, pestilence or plague that can reduce yield, among other negative factors that affect beef production.

 Therefore, at Mr. Pearson, we explore the world for the best quality 100% grass-fed beef, and our extensive experience in the gourmet food industry enables us to take pride in our products, guaranteeing the utmost quality. 

Currently, we are proudly supplying 100% grass-fed beef from New Zealand. 

To inspire you to discover the nutritional benefits of grass-fed beef, kindly follow this link: why grass fed beef?



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