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Grass-Fed Gourmet Burgers

We are delighted to notify you that a case of Mr. Pearson’s Grass-Fed Gourmet Burgers features 18 vacuum-packed, frozen burgers, 7 oz. each. These burgers have been meticulously crafted using the highest quality Grass-Fed Beef and shaped in the “Hockey Puck Style” to ensure uniformity and ease of use.


Hello burger lover! Ready to have your taste buds tickled by burger brilliance? Hit that button below and let Mr. Pearson school you on why his Grass Fed Gourmet Burgers are the talk of the town. Indulge in the sublime succulence that awaits you with each and every bite.

Brimming with the perfect amount of flavor, our Grass-Fed Gourmet Burgers are famous for their sublime succulence in every single bite. Seven ounces each, a super thick, “Hockey Puck Shaped” Gourmet Burger, is a perfect size for the juicy burger you relish. Shaped out of 100% Grass Fed Beef with an 80/20% lean beef consistency.

Our burgers are sourced from cattle that are 100% fed on grass by family farmers who have been sustainably rearing cattle this way for many years. This heritage leads to a refined gourmet burger, with the immaculate taste of natural Grass-Fed only beef. Never fed any antibiotics or hormones, all our Grass-Fed burgers have no binders, dyes, preservatives, or seasonings whatsoever, just beef! Choose your own seasoning.

Each burger is individually vacuum-packed and frozen immediately.

Please click on the provided link to learn about the advantages of incorporating Grass-Fed in your diet: Why Grass-fed Beef?

This ensures that our premium grass-fed beef is produced in alignment with natural practices.


We would like to remind you to store your frozen 100% Grass Fed Gourmet Burgers in a freezer set at or below 0°F.

For best results, we suggest thawing the burgers overnight in the refrigerator and preparing them as desired. It is important to note that the USDA recommends cooking hamburgers to a minimum internal temperature of 160 °F.

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We are grateful for your loyalty and support, and it will be a privilege for us to continue to serve you.

Thank you for selecting Mr. Pearson’s as your go-to brand.


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