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Jumbo Sea Scallops

We are pleased to announce that Mr. Pearson has selected the highly-regarded Georges Bank Wild Caught Jumbo Scallops for your consideration. Each case contains 5 lbs. of dry U/10, frozen Georges Bank Wild Caught Jumbo Scallops.


If you haven't tried the world-famous sea scallop appetizer at Jean Georges restaurant in New York, fret not, my friend! Click that button below and Mr. Pearson will share with you an equally fabulous sea scallop recipe. This time, he added his own twist, with a reduced bloody orange sauce.

Mr. Pearson takes great pride in offering our discerning customers the esteemed Georges Bank Wild Scallops harvested from the unspoiled waters of the Georges Bank, Massachusetts.

Renowned among culinary enthusiasts, Jumbo Sea Scallops are deemed one of the most refined epicurean delicacies available.

Mr. Pearson's scallops are naturally sweet with a firm texture - distinguished from other scallops in the market that tend to have a gelatinous consistency.

Each scallop is carefully handpicked and selectet based on stringent quality standards and rigorous size requirements. Once chosen, the scallops are immediately vacuum packed and rapidly frozen to maintain their exquisite taste and texture.

Rest assured that every scallop you receive from Mr. Pearson has undergone a meticulous selection process to guarantee premium quality and freshness.


For best results, pleas store the product in a freezer with a temperature below 0⁰F.

Prior to cooking, thaw the scallops overnight in the refrigerator, rinse, and dry. Cook to your desired preference. To ensure the scallops are thoroughly cooked, please use a food thermometer to verify that the internal temperature reaches 145°F, which is the recommended temperature set by the USDA for all fish and shellfish.

Should you require any recipe recommendations or additional assistance, please reach out to us at Our team is dedicated to promptly address your inquiries.

Mr Pearson sincerely appreciates your loyalty and trust that you will enjoy our products fully.


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