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Organic Chicken Thighs

Experience the superior quality of our organic, air-chilled, boneless, and skinless Chicken Thighs for a truly delightful dining experience. Each vacuum-sealed pack includes four thighs and weighs approximately 24-32 oz. The total weight of the case is approximately 8 lbs.


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Chicken thighs, also known as the bird’s dark meat, present a formidable amount of delectability.

Chicken thighs possess the capacity to augment the flavor profile of any dish. Their succulence, tender texture, and meaty richness can trigger imaginative cooking techniques in the most unassuming of chefs. From curries to tacos, enchiladas to fajitas, the possibilities are limitless. Grilled, roasted, glazed, fried or slow-cooked, these versatile cuts of chicken are waiting to inspire your next masterpiece.

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Unlock the full potential of your Organic Chicken Thighs for a truly delectable experience. Store them securely in your freezer at temperatures below 0⁰F.

Thaw your thighs with care, overnight in the refrigerator. Remember to give them a thorough wipe before cooking and take your pick of seasonings to suit your taste.

It is imperative to ensure that chicken thighs are cooked to a safe internal temperature of 165°F as recommended by the USDA. Using a food thermometer is strongly advised for accuracy.

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