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Mr. Pearson is the coolest cat in town.

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My Tasty Adventure Through The World Of Culinary Delights

“Let me tell you, my journey as a gourmet food supplier started with a mission: to save the north end of Edgeware Road from bland sandwiches and boring lunchtime options.

In 1978, armed with exotic sandwich fillings and a cooler full of soft drinks, I started a delivery service that had people drooling at their desks.

Fast forward to 1990 and I’ve brought my love of gourmet food distribution to Los Angeles. You know what they say, “When in LA, do as the gourmet foodies do.” So, I focused on providing the perfect protein for dinner time-infusing meals with a touch of culinary magic.

I’ve spent years developing top-notch relationships with farmers and seafood suppliers, ensuring that our meats and seafood meet the highest industry standards. All that hard work and dedication has paid off.

Today, our client list includes some of Hollywood’s elite; you could even say we’re the official meat and seafood supplier to the stars!

So why settle for a mundane meal when you can dine like a Hollywood A-lister with our delivery service?”

Clive Pearson

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