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Rack of Lamb

Unlock your culinary potential with the succulent flavors of New Zealand Rack of Lamb by Mr. Pearson. Four expertly Frenched, frozen racks, each weighing around 25-28 ounces await your inspired touch. These gourmet delights are separately vacuum-packed to preserve their freshness, ensuring each bite is an unforgettable experience.


Rack-ed your brain over lamb chop etiquette? Fork, knife or fingers? Don't fret. Click below to chat with Mr. Pearson, the ultimate gourmet guru, and learn how to relish this divine dish in style.

Mr. Pearson’s New Zealand Rack of Lamb is a delightful addition to any dining experience.

It is not just a dish but a symbol of culinary excellence.

Its succulent, tender, and satisfying flavor inspires greatness and encourages us to strive for the highest standards.

With its quick preparation time, it is a perfect choice for a nutritious weekday meal, while its impressive presentation creates a sense of wonder and awe for special celebratory occasions.

Thank you for choosing us as your source of culinary inspiration.


For optimal freshness, it is imperative to store the Lamb Racks in a freezer that maintains a temperature below 0⁰F.

For the best cooking results we recommend thawing each Lamb Rack in the refrigerator overnight before rinsing, drying, and cooking to your desired preference.

To ensure safety it is paramount to verify the internal temperature of cooked lamb using a food thermometer. The temperature should reach at least 145°F as suggested by the USDA. After cooking, allow the meat to rest for at least three minutes before serving.

Please do not hesitate to contact us at for any further assistance you may require, including recipe ideas for cooking and serving our top-notch Rack of Lamb.

Thank you for considering Mr. Pearson’s for your culinary inspiration.


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