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Roast Half Duck

Mr. Pearson is pleased to offer you six frozen, fully cooked and partially de-boned half ducks, accompanied by six packets of delicious orange sauce. Each half duck weighs approximately 10 – 14 ounces while the orange sauce packets are around 4 ounces each, giving a total net weight of approximately 6 pounds.


Are you ready to unlock the secret behind Mr. Pearson's irresistible Peking Duck? Oh, and don't forget to quiz him about the captivating pianya dao saga. Just hit that button down below and voila! You'll become a culinary guru in no time.

Are you ready to delight your guests with a highly-rated gourmet choice ?

Mr. Pearson's Roast Half Duck with Orange Sauce is an excellent option that is both effortless to prepare and mouthwatering. It makes for a sophisticated and elegant dish that will undoubtedly leave your guests impressed.

In addition, this delicacy can be used as an ingredient for sandwiches, salads, nachos, and tacos, providing you with versatility in your meal preparation.

With this duck, you can create an irresistible Peking Duck dish that will leave your guests talking about it for weeks to come.

It is an excellent choice for those who would like to add a touch of refinement to their gatherings.

We invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to impress your guests while enjoying its straightforward preparation.


Please, place your frozen half ducks and orange sauce in a freezer at or below 0°F. Prior to cooking, kindly thaw the items overnight in the refrigerator, and prepare them to your preference.

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